Crush Your Marketing in 2023 FREE Masterclass

Crush Your Marketing in 2023
FREE Masterclass

Wednesday 28th December
9.30am - 12.30pm
(UK time)
LIVE on Zoom - includes live Q&A

Learn how to target the right audience, write compelling copy, use the right images, and make your lead generation predictable and scalable for your business.

100% FREE. No credit card required.

Learn how to bring in more leads and generate more clicks, leading to more sales for your business

The Facebook Ads masterclass made for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to crush it in 2023. 10 years of Facebook Ads mastery rolled into one LIVE masterclass for business owners...

We've spent the last 10 years mastering Facebook Ads for businesses just like yours. This masterclass will teach you all you need to know about high-performance marketing on Facebook, without asking for a penny from you. So stop wasting time and sign up now! 

No more money wasted on poorly built ads. No more worrying if you've done it properly.

100% FREE. No credit card required.

Build laser-focused audiences and target the right people

Learn how to build laser-focused audiences that target the right people and generate more leads than ever before. You’ll also learn how to write Facebook Ads copy that converts, design successful ads, and tweak and scale your ads for marketplace domination.

Get in front of the right people every time. The people most likely to buy off you. The ones you want to work with. 

Design eye-catching creatives to stop Facebook users scrolling past 

Stop the scroll with eye-catching ad creative that gets the right kind of attention.  Don't let users slip by without checking out your ad and seeing what you have to offer.

Pay attention during the masterclass. We may just offer you our ad creative templates for free. Free to use forever. 

100% FREE. No credit card required.

Increase conversions with engaging copy

Everybody knows content is king. But what’s a king without subjects? In order to command your audience, you need to write engaging copy that pulls them in and compels them to take action for your business. Learn how to write copy that converts, and how to optimise your ads for success.

Get your viewers to take action. Compelling copywriting tips that will work in ads, blogs, PR and more. 

Predictably and profitably scale your campaigns 

Learn how to get your cost per click/lead/acquisition in a predictable place and then scale your ad campaigns to the moon with confidence!

Know exactly what it's costing you, what it's returning, and how to strategically scale your campaigns without wasting your money. 

100% FREE. No credit card required.

This is perfect for...

Business owners comfortable spending £500+ per month on digital advertising

Entrepreneurs looking to scale

Businesses that have exhausted "word of mouth" and want to take the next step

Decision makers who appreciate a predictable and profitable system for growth

This won't be right for you if...

You don't have control over the business's Facebook Ads account

You'd rather occassionally boost a post

You're not a fan of straight talking

You don't have a sales process for nurturing leads into customers

Predictably and profitably scale your campaigns

"This is written by people who know their stuff Joel and Andy aren't just spouting theory - these are the methods they employ every day in their successful businesses." 
"Essential tips to improve your marketing business. Insightful, thought-provoking, and I particularly like the step-by-step approach. A must-read!"

Previous attendees...

100% FREE. No credit card required.


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